Male Spil-Pruf Urinal

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  • Provides a discreet means of using a urinal with a large capacity that is virtually “spill proof”.
  • Will not leak once urine is in the storage compartment.
  • Stain proof, acid and oil resistant, lightweight polypropylene.
  • Instills confidence by reducing odor problems.
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The Male Spil-Pruf® patented design makes this urinal spill and leak proof. If you’re in need of a more discreet urinal, along with one that will help avoid spills, backwash and leakage, then look no further. It does a great job reducing odor, eliminating spills and increasing confidence knowing that it will not leak once urine is in the storage compartment.

This lightweight, durable urinal holds 500cc of liquid and offers discreet portability. The Male Spil-Pruf® can be transported in your car, boat, plane, hunting stand, ground blind, eighteen wheeler or any time a toilet is not available without fear of spillage.