Aircast Walking Braces

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Jim Wallace Pharmacy is a stockist of Aircast Walking Braces, Airheel Ankle Braces & Procare Xceltrax Walking Braces.

We are a REAL STORE, where you can walk in and try on a number of options and sizes and be served face to face. If you’re not happy with the fit or the feel you can walk out and go back to the drawing board.

We try our best to maintain adequate stock all the time, so we should have your size to try on. We are open Monday – Saturday (on Saturdays we are open 9am -2pm)

If you are DIABETIC, please ring us BEFORE you come in.

Sometimes referred to as a moon boot, cam walker or cast boot, these braces can be used for anything from a foot injury involving ligament damage to a broken foot or ankle and for certain types of foot surgery or other fracture, subject to the diagnosis and referral of the clinician. To get the perfect fit, we recommend trying on various sizes in store.

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Jim Wallace Pharmacy in Sydney ,  stocks and recommends Aircast Walking Braces. The model we always have in store , in all sizes is the Aircast Airselect  walking brace or moon boot . These are available in the Short  version and the Standard ( which goes further up your leg) . The Aircast walking brace is a pneumatic brace as the name suggests . The boot has air bags either side of the ankle which provide varying support depending on how much air is pumped into them.

We also now stock the Aircast Elite Standard cam-boot in small, medium and large. This “tall boot” is the premium in the range with more thorough encasing of the foot and THREE air-bags ! (Left, Right and Behind the ankle)

Aircast walking braces enhance the healing process by supporting the injury , reducing swelling and enhancing circulation. Cam walkers or cast boots as they are also referred to , are used for a range of foot injuries , including fractures ( broken foot , toe or ankle ) , sprains , post surgery and conditions such as plantar fasciitis .

Although we fit the boots in-store , we insist on a recommendation based on an assessment by your doctor, podiatrist or physio first. This doesn’t need to be in writing, but we are not in a position to diagnose an injury and you need to have been professionally examined to confirm the boot is an appropriate choice.

Certain medical conditions where peripheral vascular disease  or peripheral neuropathy are present ,such as diabetes need more specialized fitting through a podiatrist or diabetic foot clinic.

In addition to the Aircast walking braces , we also stock the Procare Xceltrax range , which is a less supportive , but more economical alternative.

If you are looking for a ” kids ”  boot  for one of your children , we also keep paediatric options for little feet.

Jim Wallace Pharmacy also stocks boot accessories including the ” even-up ” which increases the  height of your good foot , so both legs will be the same length. We also have a range of replacement boot liners , if you want to freshen up your old one.

Aircast AirSelect Standard
Aircast AirSelect Standard has a durable, semi-rigid outer shell that provides protection while supporting the limb.  It is recommended for forefoot, mid-foot and hind foot injuries.

Aircast AirSelect Short Walking Boot
The Aircast AirSelect Short Walking Boot is usually suitable for forefoot injuries , including metatarsal fractures , but we prefer a professional recommendation from your doctor or physio.

Aircast Airheel and Dorsal Night Splint Care Kit
Round the Clock Relief for Plantar Fascilitis.

We also stock Podalux post-op, post-trauma shoes and other diabetic off-loading rocker shoes.