Medical Compression Stockings

Medical Compression Stockings or hosiery provide graduated compression which promotes circulation. Sometimes referred to as surgical or support stockings, maternity or medical hosiery, they are available in various materials and colours, below knee or thigh high or pantyhose variants and in open toe or closed toe. At the Jim Wallace Pharmacy  Sydney store we try to cater for most leg sizes in both Class 1 and Class 2 variants. We stock below knee and thigh length options. Usually you doctor will recommend which class of pressure is appropriate for your leg condition. Conditions which could benefit from medical compression stockings include heavy tired legs , varicose veins ( before or after surgery ) . swollen legs , blood clots ( after diagnosis and treatment by your doctor ) and long distance travel including flying ( flight socks ) to name a few. Class 1 is the most popular and can often be used to support weary legs caused by standing all day.

We stock and recommend the Venosan, Jobst and Sigvaris ranges. We also keep TED stockings. TED are recommended for non mobile patients mainly confined to bed.

One source of confusion is the classification system used to refer to the pressure gradients in the stockings which may vary depending on the country of manufacture. Because of this the same class  may have seemingly different pressure ranges.

We prefer your doctor to give you a written recommendation of which class of compression is appropriate for your legs if Class 2 or higher is needed. Just like a prescription. Compression garments may be unsuitable in certain medical conditions.

For medical compression stockings, leg measurements are best taken first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed for fitting purposes. Please call us to check which measurements are needed, as they vary depending on which product you require.

We can organize “made to measure” custom items for unusual sizes & for lymphoedema treatment.

Some people find it difficult to put on medical compression stockings . We stock Venosan and Sigvaris gloves and various stocking aids/devices and  donners to help put on the stockings. Popular choices we keep include the Evadale Compression Stocking Donner, the Doff N Donner and the Ezy-As Compression Garment Applicator (This won the peoples-choice award on the ABC New Inventors program).We are now also stockists the Sigvaris Simon doffing and donning device.


For more information you can try these links to our main supplier websites:

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