Jim Wallace Pharmacy  in Sydney has a huge range of Rollators for sale & for hire.

At  Jim Wallace Pharmacy we stock over TWELVE different models of rollators for you to choose from.

Rollators are often referred by many different names, including  seat-walkers, wheeled walkers, wheely walkers, wheeled walking frames  or just walkers . The most popular combination has a seat,  basket, 4 wheels and hand brakes. Rollators come in many shapes and sizes . Just like people. We don’t believe you can just walk into a store and expect the first rollator you see will be the best one for you. Although the handles in most models are adjustable, the seat height is NOT.

It is important that when you sit on a rollator, your feet are firmly on the ground.

It is important that the seat is comfortable width wise.

We stock rollators with high seats and low seats and seats in between.

We have varying widths and wheel sizes, and obviously different weight capacities.

Jim Wallace Pharmacy recommends you come in and road test a few and choose your best fit.

Rollators are available with four wheels or three wheels. With push-down brakes or hand brakes .

We also keep heavy duty, bariatric walkers and light weight versions.

The best bit is we have lots of colours to choose from. Burgundy, laser blue or green, champagne, silver and titanium.

If you’re not sure, just rent a rollator and if you’re happy after a month, just pay the difference and own one.

Ask us about rollator accessories including walking stick holders and tri wheel walker baskets .


We pride ourselves on our personal service and aim to meet your needs.

Jim Wallace Pharmacy also has a large range of homecare equipment for sale & rental. This includes wheelchairs, walking frames, rollators (walkers), walking sticks, crutches, commodes, over toilet aids, utility chairs, bed-rails, shower chairs & stools, over-bed tables & frames, tray-mobiles, bed-pans, urinals, water-proof bed sheeting & incontinence aids.

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