Walking Frames

Jim Wallace Pharmacy in Sydney stocks a range of walking frames from basic zimmer or pick-up frames to more advanced options. We can mix and match options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer stoppers on all 4 legs for added stability or wheels on the front and skis on the back for more mobility. Wheels on the front legs and stoppers on the back are also popular.

Walking frames are all height adjustable, but are also available in 3 sizes to allow fitting to individual users.

The standard frames are stocked in both Coopers and Carequip models and are all foldable.

We also stock forearm ( gutter ) frames which are useful for support where hand / wrist strength is compromised. These are a more specialized frame and we prefer prior assessment by an occupational therapist or physiotherapist first.

If you already have a frame, but need spare parts especially replacement stoppers we also keep these in-store.

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